Smart-doc Knowledge Management System

Core Issues of KM

Smart-doc KMS - Core Issues

To Store

No matter how many folders and directory levels have been created, we still find some files don’t fit in any. Even if we adopt one of the most popular cloud drive product, risking secrecy for security, folders remain the same. A file has to be put into a folder, which is like the rule. But can we change it?

To Find

We spend dozens of clicks and scrolls just to find a paragraph or even a number in one of our numerous docs. We open multiple docs with kinds of softwares and shift among them, just to make a combination. Hard to imagine how much time has been spent on repeating these actions. Could it be different?

To Use

Copy, rename and edit. This is what we normally do when it comes to business docs. But however careful we try to be, some inconsistency might still happens from time to time. We could be rather mortified when our customers read something belongs to another case from which we copy.

To Share

Creating shared folders, even through more sophisticated mean as cloud drive, is the typical way we share files in business. However what we really want is to share experience and knowledge. Bunch of folders and docs don’t seem to be efficient enough.

Our Solution


Smart-doc is a B/S based knowledge management system independently developed by Jerry IT. With powerful built-in search engine, secured enterprise cloud storage and advanced processing logic, Smart-doc provides simple and practical knowledge management solution for businesses.

Smart Collector

Flexible tags - Using Smart-doc to label a file with one or more tags which you can create as many as you need will ease your hesitation of choosing a folder to place it. Moreover you can organise your files by dragging the tags to any logical structure that served your purpose.

Multiple index - Smart-doc support index for almost all major e-doc types such as doc(x), xls(x), ppt(x), pdf, txt, rtf, html.

Optical recognition - Smart-doc is capable of convert any doc of print version into electronic version and then index and store.

Smart-doc KMS - Smart Search

Fast - Finish Searching 50,000 docs (assume each has 100 pages of contents) with any keyword in less than 1 second on a typical intel i5 computer.

In-depth - Not only each file name but also all of its content is searched. The built-in doc search engine collects any doc snippet relevant to the keyword.

Snippets preview - Preview any doc snippet in a web browser without opening a software like word, acrobat etc.

Context locating - View relevant context in a web browser by simply clicking a snippet.

Smart Templates

Parametric generating - Get a nicely formatted and organised business doc of a specific case by simply inputting its characteristics.

Automatic consistency - No longer need to check a newly-written doc from start to finish because Smart-doc get everything coordinated automatically.

Smart-doc KMS - Smart Templates

Built-in correlative spreadsheet - Tired of pasting tables and figures from spreadsheet software to word processing software? The built-in spreadsheet feature associates all data sources to calculate and fills a doc with the results automatically.

Quick modification - It could be very exhausting that changing one little part of a doc leads to editing all the correlative parts. However this could be done by Smart-doc within just a few seconds.

Customisable template - Contract, tender, quotation, solution, report… You can create as many kinds of templates as you business requires.

Smart Cloud

Snippets share - Share knowledge and experience with colleagues by commented snippets and snippets combinations.

Watch list on cloud - Browse dozens of sites everyday, worrying about missing a business opportunity? Smart-doc watches and fetches them for you.

Company cloud - Everything is on your own server, secured.

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