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Free IT Advice - Introduction

We always consider Free IT Advice as our most important service for clients, even if it is free. When business owners bite the bullet and invest good money into IT related goods and services, accurate information means a lot. And it could also be very frustrating when there is really suitable technology to boost the business but the owner has missed the chance lacking prompt information. Therefore the primary intension of this service is to share our information and experiences.

Why Free

We have IT experts from varieties of industries, ready to share both our IT expertise and industrial experiences. We would like to provide this service to make friends instead of making money, which we believe is meanwhile the best way to show our confidence and competences.

Our Commitments

Always free. As long as Jerry IT exists.

Keep neutral. No promotion including our own products and services.

Greatest endeavour. We don’t know everything, yet we try our best.

Example Topics

Is it worthwhile?

It is believable that certain kind of technology will better the business, however you might not be sure if it’s worth paying that much. We would like to help you estimate the feasibility according to the investment and predictable benefit.

Is it possible?

Running the business day after day, all of a sudden you come up with a great idea to streamline the business process by adopting some kind of technology which you are not yet familiar with. Does such technology exist? Or is your demand achievable? If positive, how much resources will it take?

How to start?

You have made up your mind to invest in a suitable and profitable technology. However surrounding by countless advertisements, you find yourself lost in an ocean of information. We would like to assist you with real essentials.

What’s wrong?

There could be a chance that some of your IT assets are not operating as effective as you’ve expected. You might be interested in what you could do to fix it or make it better.

Any thing for me?

What if the right technology is just out there waiting for you, yet unfortunately you have missed every change to know it? We would be very pleased to get the special one for you introduced.

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