Business Email Solution

Jan2007 FieldEmail Server

One of our clients works in financial industry so the confidentiality is top important. Not only did they want emails at the company’s domain name, but also all data should be stored in the company’s server and 100% secured. However they wouldn’t like to spend too much money on big brand product which had lots of features they didn’t actually need. Just common functions which can be accessed by mail clients, browsers and mobiles.

We set up the company’s email server exactly according to their requirements within 3 days and not a coin was paid for any software. It is still running smoothly and safely today.

Application Performance Optimisation

Mar2012 FieldE-commerce Site

One of our clients is a sales agent in show business who runs an online ticket selling website. It responded pretty fast most of the time. However when a top performance was coming, the website became very slow or sometimes even crashed due to thousands of concurrent requests. Our client had been seeking technical solutions other than buying more powerful servers.

We rewrote the server side program with NodeJS in 2 weeks. The load peak of the server decreased from 100% to around 40% and it has never crashed again.

Both Human and Search Engine Friendly

Oct2010 FieldWeb Solution

One of our clients wholesales building materials and they had set up a website to boost the business since 2008. Yet they found no difference afterwards. They were very upset about the investment.

After a comprehensive analysis, we reorganized the content, redesigned the pages and started SEO in a run. The traffic had increased by 20 times and sales by 70% in only 3 month.

Mobile Data Transmission Optimisation

Nov2013 FieldData Transmission

One of our clients is an information provider. To provide the most timely information, the staff upload on-site photos, videos and recordings directly from their smartphones to the company’s web protal. But the problem was if an uploading failed due to the unstability of the mobile network, they had to restart it from the beginning. They couldn’t afford losing time like this.

We reformed data transmission mechanism for both client side and server side of the web portal. Now they only need to upload any file just once. The uploading is able to resume itself automatically after any network interruption.

Massive Documentation Store and Search

Jun2012 FieldBig Data Retrieval

One of our clients is a research institution. They spent considerable time digging tons of previous reports to locate useful information related to ongoing projects. They were tired of seeking, openning and scrolling all the e-docs just for a data or a line of description.

We delivered an e-docs search engine in three month. With any given keyword, it fetches all the relevant snippets and contexts from more than 100,000 docs within less than 1 second. They don’t even need to open specific soft such as Word, Excel or Acrobat any more.

Hardware Value Maxmisation

Mar2011 FieldComputer Upgrade

One of our clients bought a number of ultra-thin laptops for pre-sales presentation in 2008. They had been running slower and slower as time went by. Our client was planning to phase them out, yet felt a little extravagant because they still looked as delicate as before.

We changed their hard disk drives with solid-state drives, increased the memory and upgraded the operating system. All of them were back on the road and are still running smoothly today. The expense was only 1/6 compared to the budget of buying new ones.

3D Virtual Navigation

Feb2004 Field3D Design

One of our clients is a well-known university. They had lately built a brand new teaching building which has hundreds of classrooms with different functions. Students and visitors could easily get lost without a guide.

Touch-screen E-guides were placed at the main entrances of each floor together with the real-time 3D virtual navigation soft, which we delivered in 1 month, running inside. Most of the students commented it as both cool and practical.

Paperwork Automation

Dec2012 FieldDocument Processing

One of our clients is a middle-sized construction enterprise. They spent a huge amount of time dealing with paper work such as contracts, biddings, plans and reports which are similar yet different from case to case. They were wondering if there is a solution to save them not only from being exhausted but also from making inconsistency.

We delivered them a model based document processing soft and integrated it with their project management system. Now all data are automatically calculated and all business docs are automatically generated by the project parameters.

Network Load Balancing

Sep2006 FieldNetwork Optimisation

One of our clients ran a design studio with around tweety employees. They downloaded and uploaded a lot to carry on their jobs. They had been complaining about the network speed because they shared an Internet connection and the traffic load was always high.

We updated the firmware of the router and implemented a load balancing strategy. Then everybody felt mush better than before.

Workflow Streamlining

Jan2005 FieldInformation System

One of our clients is an automation system integrator whose branches and ongoing projects are throughout the country. It had become harder and harder to manage the workflow of so many projects at different sites simultaneously and effciently.

We delivered the first version of the client’s information system in 9 months and worked together with the client for 4 years to implement and optimize it. As our clients said, the system has saved a great deal of time and money. It is still running effectively today.

Virus Control

May2009 FieldSystem Cleanup

One of our clients runs a training business with more than 100 computers. One day a very bad trojan attacked the local network. The infected computers kept popping up new windows until crashed and the virus was sending large amounts of data which blocked the whole Internet access.

We cleaned up all the computers and recovered the Internet connection in only 5 hours. To prevent further attack, we applied new inbound rules to the router in advance.

Important Data First Aid

Jun2013 FieldData Recovery

One of our clients is a small law firm. One of their laptops which stored very important materials for a commercial case unexpectedly dropped from the desk and the hard disk drive could not be detected after reboot.

We remmoved the hard disk from the laptop and recovered 98% of the important files, in a single day.

Product Selection Automation

Jan2008 FieldCustom Software

One of our clients provides modular air conditioning solutions for industrial plants. Almost half of their daily work was to create system scheme by selecting among various modules and then prepare equipments list, system drawings and quotation plan. It was repeated time-consuming job.

We established a modules database and delivered a tailored product selection software in 3 months. it helps their engineers filter the possible modules and generate CAD drawings as well as required docs 3 times faster than before.

Automatic Massive Data Sorting

Oct2009 FieldData Processing

One of our clients is a middle-sized consulting company who creates industry reports. They have many industry data sources and they had to sort all the data by different kinds of classifiction everyday manually. They had been seeking automatic solution since long time ago.

We worked very close with them and developed an intelligent tagging system which could automatically sort rough data to expected category with 98% accuracy.


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AIMC Migration Agent

AIMC Migration Agent

AIMC is an experience migration agent in Melbourne, providing quick visas to potential workers,travellers, tourists, students and other people wanting to move in to Australia.

Jerry IT provides website building and maintenance services for AIMC.

Arrow Sun Floors

Arrow Sun is one of the leading timber flooring wholesaler in Australia, supplying a range of bamboo flooring products and hardwood floorboards.

Jerry IT provides SEO and website consulting services for Arrow Sun.

Ausquare Timber Flooring

Ausquare Timber Floor

Ausquare Timber Floor is part of Ausquare Investment Group Pty Ltd, headquartered in Thomastown, Victoria, specialising in Laminate, Bamboo, Engineered Timber Flooring, Solid Timber Flooring as well as other timber flooring products.

Jerry IT provides website building and E-marketing services for Ausquare Timber Floor.

EC Cleaning Services

Based in Dandenong, EC Maintenance provides highly professional, comprehensive and cost-effective commercial cleaning services across Melbourne.

Jerry IT provides one-stop solution for EC’s business website.

EC Cleaning Services
Grand Oak Flooring

Grand Oak Flooring

Grand Oak is a timber flooring brand created by Australian Select Timbers. Our colourful oak flooring range will inspire you to complete any interior design.

Jerry IT provides website design, development, maintenance and SEO services for Grand Oak Flooring.

JAB Locksmiths

JAB Locksmiths provides locksmith services in Melbourne and supplies security products including safes, wireless control systems, CCTV cameras and alarms.

Jerry IT provides website optimisation and SEO solutions for JAB.

JAB Locksmiths
United Safes

United Safes

United Safes are the safe experts. From small home safes through to bank vaults, they have more then 30 years industry experience.

Jerry IT provides website and SEO consulting services for United Safes.

Vendzone Vending Machines

Supplying first-class vending machines nationwide, Vendzone has grown over the last few years to become today’s market leader in vending machine industry.

Jerry IT provides website maintenance and SEO solutions for Vendzone.

Vendzone Vending Machines