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About Us - Who We Are

Three old friends were having coffee on an ordinary Saturday afternoon, talking about how small and medium enterprises had wasted time and money on charming yet inapplicable information technologies. They all agreed that it was mainly due to the information asymmetry. After a short silence, one of them suddenly uttered: “How about we start a business to bridge the gap?”

Believe it or not, this was how our story began. We have provided effective solutions and services for dozens of businesses from variety of industries since that coffee. We hold faith not only in our experience and expertise, but also in our clients’ wisdom and professionalism.

Though still small and not established long, we work really hard to practice our original idea, and even harder to fulfil every single commitment to our customers.

What We Believe

Only can we make money when our clients make more.

Only would we be satisfied when problems solved.

We focus on how to create values for customers rather than how to peddle technologies.

Our Vision

There will be a day when our clients benefit from information technology without being confused by its complexity, because they know we are always there for them.

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