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One Stop Business Site - Context

No doubt we are living in a .com era. It seems that the booming trend of websites has never been slowing down. We can hardly find any business, either big or small, without a domain name seared on its signboard or business card. Although everybody is going with the flow, only a few have been actually benefited from it. Truth be told, it only takes less than a day or even an hour to create a simple site, using a template from the Internet. However it might as well be the end of our network-marketing story. The even more frustrating thing could be that we invest a lot of time and money in building an exquisite site that ends up with no traffic.

Key Factors

Domain Name

To register a domain name is the first and easiest step of the site construction. Most of us prefer shorter names or the same one as the business. Nevertheless, few know what search engine prefers.


One of the most important reasons for the flooding of websites is plagiarism. Admittedly it would be much more relaxing to paste something from here and there. However a sophisticated search engine like Google could easily sniff the deal and get rid of the site from its index. Therefore only appropriate content collecting methodology is able to ensure both the uniqueness and efficiency.

User Experience

Assume that a visitor finally get to the site due to our unremitting efforts of promotion. The last thing we would like to see is his immediate bounce because of confusing content structure and uncoordinated visual design. In fact creating a user-friendly site is considered as the most important prerequisite of any successful promotion.

One Stop Business Site - Key Factors - Cross-platform


It would not be wise to ignore the fact that more and more people tend to use various mobile terminals, such as smartphones and tablets, to search and surf. So our site should not only expect traditional computer users but also get ready for other smart devices. We cannot afford to lose a potential customer just because of incompatibility.

Speed & Stability

Not only visitors but also search engines favour rapid response and 24/7 uptime that involve both qualified technical development and reliable hosting. Making choice among countless development teams and hosting providers is not likely to be as literally simple as the word cost-effective.

Promotion Strategy

We cannot boost our business without our site being visited by potential customers, no matter how fancy and content-rich it is. Advertising campaign, search engine optimisation (aka SEO), offline promotion, or a combination of strategies?

One Stop Business Site - Key Factors - Search Rankings

As we all know, higher search ranking means more traffic and more traffic means more business opportunities, especially for small businesses. Just imagine how fierce the competition could be. And it is almost impossible for us to just name the thirty more factors that affect the search rankings, not to mention in-depth study of them, because we need to put most of our time into the business itself. Nine out of ten search engine optimisers tell us they can get our site on the first page of Google search result but none of them would like to begin without upfront pay. Why?

Our Solution

One Stop Solution

We understand most of the business owners have to focus on their fields and have no extra energy to attend all the stages of building a sustainable site. Hiring different teams who unlikely share the same objective along the process could also be pretty exhausted, accompanied by all the assessments, negotiations, exchanges, acceptances and transfers. In addition it could hardly be avoided if they don’t know the whole story at the very beginning. Thus we are very pleased to share the information and we reckon qualified overall solution is the preferable choice of building a successful business site.

Pay for Result

One Stop Business Site - Our Solution - Pay for Result

We totally understand a business owner’s concern about how to pay a right technical service with the right amount. Unfortunately we have to say it might not be possible if you are unfamiliar with technical stuff. Sometimes it is just too difficult to filter out exaggerated ads and misleading information.

Now we proudly introduce our One Stop Business Site solution to you. We will do everything required by the whole construction and promotion process for free and you only pay us when you get more business from the site. Only by this way should you not worry about if we are exerting our utmost. And only by this way will your site stand out the upcoming competition continuously.

Cooperation Process

Feel free to contact us for further information.