Grand Oak Flooring

by Jerry, 01/09/2014

How It Began

Mr.G operates a timber flooring wholesale business named Grand Oak Flooring. Jerry met him 1 year ago, talking about Pay Per Click Strategy. G complained about not getting enough enquiries from website. After a close look of G’s website, Jerry had a little conversation with G.

What They Planned

They both agreed the most important two things that a website must have are:

  1. A good organic position on Google Search for the terms that a potential client is likely to enter. But how good it has to be? Statistics suggest that listings on page 1 get around 91% of all traffic and page 2 only 4.7%. So being on the 10th position of page 1 is the minimum answer to this question.
  2. Definitely a fantastic website which impresses most of the target customers. It couldn’t be more upset if a desired client finally clicked through and lived without hesitation, judging the products as dumb as the website is. In fact Jerry reckoned G’s site looked pretty neat. However oak flooring is a field closely related to the interior design industry which is somewhat about art and fashion. The audience would expect more style out of the website.

Therefore they planned very straightforwardly. Try building a new site as amazing as it could possibly be and then promote the site as higher as it could possibly be.

(to be continued)

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Case Summary

  • Services Delivered :
    • Overall Resource Planning
    • Art & Layout Design
    • Content Organisation
    • Development & Implementation
    • Local Server Hosting Support
    • E-marketing Strategy Consulting
    • On-site & Off-site SEO Services
    • Pay Per Click Consulting
    • Social Network Building
  • Results Achieved :
    • Vibrant & Flow Layout
    • All-Device Friendly Responsive Design
    • Crazily Fast Loading (within 1 Second)
    • Both Human & Search Engine Friendly
    • 30 Times Online Enquiries